Halina Kretchetov

Clinical EFT Practitioner

About Me

Do you need more harmony in your life? Maybe I can help you.

My educational background is in languages and education and I have worked as a teacher in the area of literacy and languages both with adults and with children for over 20 years. As my work with pupils became more specialised I became more and more interested in the well-being and coaching side of my work. My life experience and reading also led me to EFT/tapping in which I have had an interest for over 5 years. I am also influenced by the work of Byron Katie, Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Gabor Mate and the concepts of Non violent Communication among others and consider myself a spiritually open person.

2020-2021 lockdowns gave me an opportunity to devote myself to my ambition to achieve certification with EFT Universe (www.eftuniverse.com) and the more I worked with clients, the more I witnessed and experienced the benefits of this technique and felt the joy in helping to facilitate positive change in others’ lives as well as experiencing it in my own. I feel as if I have found a new passion and a vocation. I became a clinical EFT practitioner in July 2021.

I feel drawn to working with clients on grief and bereavement, past traumas and addictions and I am looking into combining tapping with writing. I am also planning to work with pupils and teachers drawing on my years of special needs teaching experience with EFT. I am open to new directions and experiences and excited where this new career will take me!

I am based in North Norfolk and currently am working with clients primarily on Zoom. I am open to working with different time zones.

Please feel free to get in touch by email and/or book an initial 30 minute consultation (no charge) to discuss your needs.

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