Halina Kretchetov

Clinical EFT Practitioner


Halina has a wonderful therapeutic presence. Respectfully, she holds space for you to gently yet efficiently feel what is needed to move through what used to feel impossible. I’ve been tapping since 2004 and she stands out as one of the best tapping facilitators I’ve experienced. My guess is her years of teaching children with various needs has developed a mastery.

Summer Sage, Texas

I can highly recommend Halina and the tapping technique. I have known Halina for 5 years. She is caring, gentle, intuitive and empathetic. I felt very safe with Halina in our Zoom sessions and trusted her with personal details of my life. Tapping helped me through grief and the trauma of a bereavement. It took away the fear of facing another anniversary of a loved one passing away and left me with a sense of calmness, peace and gratitude rather than the PTSD symptoms that I usually experienced before the anniversary. I recommended Halina to two friends who have since spoken highly about her and have noticed physical and emotional changes after their sessions.

Katie, Norfolk

I will be forever grateful to Halina for the wonderful tapping sessions. I was going through one of the toughest times so far in my recovery from addiction. Not only did she support me throughout this time with her natural gift for tapping, she also taught me how to do it for myself. I’m a Christian and it was lovely that Halina is spiritually open minded as we could involve my faith in the sessions. I just cannot rate Halina enough!! I tap most days now.

Charlotte, Norfolk

Halina’s work goes well beyond the call of duty. The synergy of her life experience with the professional skills she has garnered, brings to her sessions a potent opportunity for authentic, deep healing. Halina helped me uncover layers of reactive patterning that I hadn’t even realised were operating powerfully from my subconscious. She is gentle and friendly, yet honest and wise. I highly recommend her work.

Sarah Ann Aborn, New York

Working with Halina helped me to face my problems and be open to seeing what is stopping me to achieve my dreams and goals. She tackled all my resistance and all my buts and I was able to see more clearly what it is that I want and felt empowered to go for what I want. We only had 3 sessions but the progress that I have made was incredible. After each session I felt a big shift and had my ‘aha’ moments that helped me move forward. Halina is truly amazing and I recommend working with her.

Kate, Ireland

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