Halina Kretchetov

Clinical EFT Practitioner


How is EFT different to just talking or counselling?

Your session will have all the benefits of being listened to and heard in a deep way with loving compassion. EFT goes beyond words as much of the focus is on how emotion is experienced in the body and releasing those bodily sensations, the sub-conscious is involved. If a client does not want to share details of an upsetting, embarrassing or traumatic event it can still have the potential to be released using certain tapping techniques.

How long does it take to make a difference?

It is sometimes enough to visit a traumatic scene once using EFT techniques and feel released from years of pain as one has revisited it in the memory countless times only to be triggered or re-traumatised. EFT has been used very effectively for veterans suffering from PTSD for example. Sometimes it will take a client a few sessions to feel confident enough to get to and work on core memories, childhood pain or deeply buried limiting beliefs. Each session makes a difference and you will feel from the first experience at the very least a reduction in stress. Prepare to be surprised!

Can it be used with children?

This is a technique that can be used with children. I can teach you to use it with your children or with consent work directly with your child. If you have problems with your children, I will always suggest we work on your emotions/stresses/memories first and you may find that is enough to transform the situation.

Does it cure illness?

EFT cannot claim to cure or treat and is not recommended as a substitute for medical or psychiatric care. It however can release stress and other emotions that are experienced around or as a result of illness and other chronic conditions that can contribute to healing.

Does it involve being touched?

Clients tap on themselves following the directions of the practitioner. Occasionally, with permission the practitioner can tap on the client.

Does it work on Zoom?

Yes! With the conditions of working internet, a visual of each other and privacy we can effectively work at a distance. Many people prefer to work in this way since the pandemic and I have been surprised by how quickly I have overcome my reluctance to work online and how flexible and adaptable my clients have become. I am insured to work with clients anywhere in the world.

Do you do face to face sessions?

Get in touch if you live in my area and would like me to visit you for a session in your home. I hope to be able to offer live sessions in my home in the near future.

How long are the sessions?

I have found that my sessions last around 75 to 90 minutes so prepare for that length of time. If you would prefer a shorter session, do let me know.

Can I try it first before committing?

Yes, please book a free 30 minute initial consultation and I after we talk generally about your needs I will lead you in a round of tapping to give you an idea of how it works. I honour that it is important for you to find a practitioner that suits you and I want you to have a clear choice.

How much is it?

Introductory prices:

Initial consultation: FREE
60 minute session: £60
90 minute session: £80
Package of 3 sessions (90 mins): £200

How can I pay?

I take payment either by PayPal or BACS. Payment before sessions.

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